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The Nevyastata (the Bride) Eco Trail

The eco-trail is about 900 meters long. It leads to the eponymous rock Bride, which is one of the symbols of Smolyan. The trail is easy to discover, it starts from the fork for the monastery "St. Panteleimon. Eco-trail "Bride" offers excellent conditions for lovers of thrills - artificial climbing wall with a height of 10.5 m routes for rock climbing, alpine trolley with a length of 100 m and a displacement of 30 m.

Waterfalls Canyon

In the western part of the town of Smolyan in the direction of the village of Mugla is one of the most picturesque natural landmarks in the region of the Western Rhodopes - "Canyon of Waterfalls". To each of the waterfalls leads the completely renovated eco-trail of the same name, which starts from the reserve "Soskovcheto" at the end of the Smolyan district "Sredok" and is about 6 km long. The largest of the waterfalls is named after the mythical singer Orpheus and is 68 meters high. After climbing the eco trail there is a panoramic playground from which there is an incredible view of Smolyan and the mountains.

The path winds through the forest like wooden bridges across the Elena River, now to the right, now to the left, alternating with places for recreation and places for picnics. Spruce trees surround it as it crawls past rock blocks called the Orderly Stones. The beginning of the trail starts from the old Roman bridge.

Snezhanka tower

With its 1926 meters above sea level, it attracts tourists both in winter and summer. A special elevator will take you another 100 meters higher until you reach the top tower, standing at 2019 meters. A wonderful panoramic playground will offer you unsuspected views and landscapes. From here you can see Perelik Peak, Rozhen Observatory, Stoykite and the village of Gela, as well as the whole of Pamporovo with its slopes and lifts.

Smolyan Lakes & Orpheus

Only half an hour walk from Studenets and about 15 minutes from Snezhanka peak, you will find yourself in front of the magnificent view offered by Orpheus Rocks. Legend has it that Orpheus drew inspiration from the views revealed by the rocks bearing his name. The wonderful sounds he created, contemplating the Smolyan lakes scattered like the palm of his hand at the foot of the rocks, the soft folds of the Rhodope peaks made all the forest dwellers hold their breath. The Smolyan lakes are located on the left slope of the valley of the Cherna River and to the north below the Orpheus Rocks and Snezhanka Peak. The lakes are scattered all over the valley, from the Orpheus rocks to Smolyan itself.

The red rock

It is also called the Great Wall (1639 m.). It is a huge rhyolite block with a height of over a hundred meters, which can be seen from Smolyan - the western part of the city, in the foreground on the right below Golyam Perelik peak. The origin of its name is also associated with many legends, but it is most logical to assume that in the morning, at sunrise, the sun turns it red. Hence its name. A common sight in the area of the Red Rock are the herds of wild goats, grazing peacefully on the inaccessible slopes.

Garga dere

Extreme hikers and thrill seekers should embark on the Garga Dere adventure. One of the tests there is a 140 m metal road built with iron steps in the rock. Here is another extreme experience - descending on an alpine trolley, which is a cable line between the two banks of the river Elena, at a height of 20 m above the water surface. 100 meters from the left slope you reach the entrance of the water cave "Golubovitsa" 2 with underground lakes and a stream. Golubovitsa is a system of 4 caves genetically and morphologically related to each other.

Golyam Perelik Peak

Golyam Perelik Peak is the highest peak in the Rhodopes (2191 m). It is located 19 km west of Smolyan. The peak is easily accessible and can be reached at the foot of the road to the Perelik hut, but the peak itself cannot be reached, as there is a military base of the Bulgarian Army. Near the peak Perelik and hut Perelik is the so-called Bear House, where every year in the open air is held a famous jazz festival in the area - July Jazz.

Buynovo gorge

The Buynovo gorge is the longest gorge in Bulgaria. It is located between the villages of Yagodina and Teshel. It is formed by the destructive action of the Buynovo River, which over time has carved the marble layers and created an impressive natural phenomenon. The whole area has a very well developed karst - only in the land of the village of Yagodina there are 36 caves, the most famous of which is the landscaped Yagodina Cave. Near it is the beautiful Sanchova hole, in it you can see many interesting sinter lakes full of cave pearls.

NAO Rozhen

Rozhen National Astronomical Observatory is the largest operating scientific complex in astrophysics in Southeast Europe. It was opened in March 1981 and is a unit of the Institute of Astronomy at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS). The scientific complex is located in a beautiful area on the ridge of the mountain, near Rozhen peak in the Central Rhodopes. The complex consists of several buildings - towers in which the telescopes are installed, a complex of residential buildings, the meteorological station and the small chapel "St. The Spirit. The geographical coordinates of the observatory are: 41 ° 41? 35? North latitude; 24 ° 44? 38? East length

Smolyan Planetarium

On September 6, 1975. in Smolyan opens the largest Planetarium with a national astronomical observatory in Bulgaria. The planetarium is one of the most visited sights in the mountain town. For the past 38 years it has been visited by over 2,650,000 people. To promote astronomical knowledge, more than 50 programs (sessions) are presented in the star hall of the Planetarium. Among them are: fairy-tale programs for the youngest children, many learning sessions, overview and thematic for the general audience. Foreign guests of the Planetarium are offered programs in foreign languages: Russian, French, German, English, Greek, Turkish. A series of special programs, musical and poetic, complement the variety of stellar performances.

Momchilova fortress

Momchilova fortress is located about 16 km from Smolyan in the direction of Ustovo - Madan. After Podvis, turn left in the direction of the village of Ryaka, and a little further on, turn left again to the village of Gradat. By car or bus you reach the reception center at the foot of the fortress, located 1.6 km from the village of Gradat. In it you can see a photo exhibition dedicated to the history of the place and archaeological research. From there, along a forest path, you climb to the entrance tower-gate at the northern wall of the fortress, which are best preserved and partially restored.







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