12 decares of green areas

The park of the Mountain Lake complex spreads over 12 decares of green areas, with preserved groups of beautiful firs between the villas. It has many places for rest and entertainment, for different types of games - basketball, badminton, soccer, small playground, playground, trampoline, barbecue with fireplace, barbecue area, summer bar with outdoor seating, outdoor tent, fountain, countless flower spots and all the richness of the surrounding mountains.
The complex is closed, provides security and tranquility for you and your children.

See what they write 24 hours a day: Smolyan lakes kill radiation

The region of Smolyan Lakes, where the complex is located, has a unique natural feature - high negative ionization of the air, which has an extremely beneficial effect on human health and the body. Negative ions soothe and revitalize at the same time. The healing properties of fresh air allow people to be cured of many diseases without drugs. The positive effect of the effects of negative ions is used to treat chronic stress, insomnia and depression. A number of laboratory studies have shown that ionotherapy can cure disorders of the nervous system and normalize serotonin levels in the body. Here we feel cheerful, uplifted, toned, with increased efficiency and a strong surge of energy.







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